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Stripe Textured shirt - grey/white

Stripe Textured shirt - grey/white

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The puckered texture of seersucker fabric provides several advantages in terms of functionality and aesthetics. One of the key benefits is its ability to hold the fabric away from the skin. The air pockets created by the puckering allow for increased breathability and improved airflow, making seersucker a popular choice for warm weather clothing. The fabric's texture helps to promote better ventilation and provides a cooling effect, making it comfortable to wear in hot and humid climates.

Another advantage of seersucker is its low maintenance nature. Due to the puckered texture, the fabric does not require regular ironing. The natural wrinkled appearance of seersucker is part of its charm and does not diminish its overall aesthetic appeal. This characteristic makes seersucker a practical and convenient choice, as it saves time and effort in garment care.


Occasion- Dress up,

Fabric- Seer suckered fabric, 100% cotton

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